changelog: accept tags in ranges as well as numeric offsets

Issue #359 resolved
created an issue

Someone has the question 'what has changed since the last release'?

You can get a list of changes, like this:

By default it doesn't show very many, but after clicking 'more' a couple of times, you get to here:

The tag aolserver-4.5.0 is about 3/4 down the page.

What I would like is the ability to pass the questioner a link like this:

To show exactly what has changed during the period of interest.

At the moment, it seems like I would have to count down (or backwards, up) the page to figure out the offset.

In addition, if it accepts tags then it should also accept ids and hashes. Unfortunately, I think this clashes with your current syntax where a numeric ID, such as 1491 in the case above, would be confused as an offset, and 1491 changesets on one page is waaay too many.

So how about this additional syntax:

ie. if the single changeset specification contains a colon, then it is treated as the '-r' flag is by hg itself.

In fact, you might want to drop the existing URL syntax altogether. That is, when the user clicks 'more', instead of increasing the offset by 20, decrement the id by 20 and by default construct URLs like the above.