username aliases aren't updated when displaying previous commits in activity (BB-3554)

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Hi all ,

I met a problem about username alias just now.

I have two accounts below :

EragonJ - with 2 email ( , )


Hax4 - with 1 email ( )

Originally ,

I used to register Hax4 account at first for test, but later , I decided to make a primary email for it ( which is )

And also ,

My original email account is , but because of concurrent development with teammates, I decided to add another email with suffix to my account ( that is )

After I changed both emails of two accounts ( account hax4 : from to , and my personal account EragonJ : from to ), I tried to make some new commits with new email identification :



git config --add ""

But problems happened !!

After I made new commits with this identification , the commit maker links to original hax4 account !!! This may be a caching issue or some bugs in account alias, please dig it out if you guys have some spare time ;)

Thanks for your reading ;)

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