Accepting a pull request does not succeed

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  • On the MixJenkinsCI account I have created a pull request from the MixWIP repository to the MixMaster repository.

  • I then choose the accept pull request option. A confirmation dialog appears on which I also accept the pull request.

  • The button disables and nothing further happens.

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  1. David Chambers

    It would be very helpful to determine whether this is a JavaScript error or whether the server is rejecting the request for some reason and we're failing to reflect this in the UI. Are you able to hit the “accept” button again, this time with your browser's console open, to see whether any JavaScript errors are reported? Also, which browser are you using?

  2. JenkinsC reporter

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    Hi David

    I've attempted this with both IE 8 and Chrome.

    Here you go, I get the following Error. BTW I'm also getting an internal server error attempting to push changesets into this repository via TortoiseHG.

    • bundle.js:177POST release-2/fulfill500 (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR)
    • j.extend.ajaxbundle.js:172*
    • j.each.j.(anonymous function)bundle.js:162*
    • f.submitbundle.js:885*
    • (anonymous function)bundle.js:561*
    • j.event.handlebundle.js:84*
    • j.event.add.Q.handle.dabundle.js:77*

    Kind Regards


  3. David Chambers

    @Jesper Noehr helped me to get to the bottom of the problem. It appears that one of our workers was given a task (such as a strip), but failed to perform the task for some reason. This left the repository temporarily unusable, as it was stuck in the middle of a transaction. When I attempted to strip the most recent changeset I was prompted to run hg recover, which I did. The repository is now in a happy state once again (hg verify returns no errors). I've also changed the state of the repository in the database from “stripping” to “available”.

    Everything should now work correctly. Let me know if this is not the case.

  4. JenkinsC reporter

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    I can not access the repository, thank you. However when attempting to complete the pull request "12.1 Production Release 2" its again unsuccessful, now error is displayed via the console, but if I use the development console I get the following response from the server. Clearly there is a major problem with your Pull code, please advise.

    POST release-2/fulfill502 (Bad Gateway)

    with the response HTML below

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html xmlns=3D"" xml:lang=3D"en" lang=3D"en"> <head> <title>Someone kicked over the bucket, sadface &mdash; Bitbucket</title> <meta http-equiv=3D"Content-Type" content=3D"text/html; charset=3Dutf-8" /> <link rel=3D"icon" href=3D"<; _new.png> " type=3D"image/png" /> </head> <body> <div style=3D"width:100%; text-align:center;"> <img src=3D"<; ng> " width=3D"798" height=3D"366" style=3D"margin:100px auto" alt=3D"Oops! An error occurred. We've been notified and we'll look into the problem." /> </div>

    <script> BB.gaqPush( ['_trackPageview'], ['atl._trackPageview'] );

    (function () { var ga =3D document.createElement('script'); ga.src =3D ('https:' =3D=3D document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : ' http://www') + ''; ga.setAttribute('async', 'true'); document.documentElement.firstChild.appendChild(ga); }()); </script> </body> </html>

    Kind Regards


  5. David Chambers

    My guess is that the pull request in question was created while the repository was in the middle of the transaction. Are you able to reject the pull request, perhaps, and create a new one?

  6. JenkinsC reporter

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    I've recreated a pull request with the same error occurring. Could you test from your side? As things stand the Pull operation in BitBucket does NOT Work.

  7. JenkinsC reporter

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    An Update: Pull request seems to work as changesets from the source repository did make it into the destination repository. However:

    (a) The pull was from a source branch (not default) into a destination branch (default) but no merge operation happened

    (b) The pull request is not updated as accepted.

    Kind Regards

    Jenkins Continuous Integration Server



    On 15 February 2012 09:03, Jenkins Hudson <> wrote:

    I've recreated a pull request with the same error occurring. Could you test from your side? As things stand the Pull operation in BitBucket does NOT Work.

    On 15 February 2012 02:55, Bitbucket <> wrote:

  8. JenkinsC reporter

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    I have had no further status updates or issue resolution suggestions. I am still unable to complete pull requests.

  9. Thomas Jablin

    I'm seeing the same problem. Chrome's javascript console I get the following error when I try to reject:

    POST 500 (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR) 06fec7c832aa.js:181 06fec7c832aa.js:181 r.extend.ajax 06fec7c832aa.js:175 r.each.r.(anonymous function) 06fec7c832aa.js:165 f.submit 06fec7c832aa.js:870 (anonymous function) 06fec7c832aa.js:508 r.event.handle 06fec7c832aa.js:87 r.event.add.Q.handle.ea

    I have tried to reject in Firefox and Chrome on both OS X and Linux without success.

  10. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Thomas,

    I am afraid we had a problem with a deploy a few days back that left us without correctly deployed javascript and css. It only affected a small set of users but I believe you were included. We have since fixed the problem and you should not see these errors any longer.



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