Issue #3611 resolved
Fabian Kraemer
created an issue

The tags list in the webinterface appears to be unsorted, e.g. {{{ ... auiplugin-3.7-m6 auiplugin-3.7-m4 auiplugin-3.6.5 auiplugin-3.7-m3 auiplugin-3.7-m2 auiplugin-3.6.4 auiplugin-3.6.3 auiplugin-3.5.5 auiplugin-3.5.4 auiplugin-3.5.3 auiplugin-3.6.2 auiplugin-3.7-m1 ... }}} My suggestion would be, if not made configurable, to at least sort them reversed lexicographically (sort -r) by default. This caters imo most of the people as the will have some sort of versioning / number information in their tags. {{{ ... auiplugin-3.7-m6 auiplugin-3.7-m4 auiplugin-3.7-m3 auiplugin-3.7-m2 auiplugin-3.7-m1 auiplugin-3.6-m3 auiplugin-3.6-m2 auiplugin-3.6-m1 auiplugin-3.6.5 ... }}}

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  1. David Chambers

    Thanks for the suggestion, Fabian. From memory the tags are in fact sorted, but they're sorted by date modified (again, this is my recollection which may not be accurate). I agree that the sorting you've proposed would be more intuitive.

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