Context-aware 404 page (BB-2146)

Issue #3612 closed
Fabian Kraemer
created an issue

E.g. requesting [[|auiplugin-3.6.4 - /src/doesnotexist]] responds with a 404, but what the application could do is recognise that the request is to a sub-path (after the cs hash) and then try to match the path upwards, e.g. auiplugin/src and then auiplugin and then 27619acd21da. The user then gets //redirected// to that path instead of a 404. The page should have a warning message that this is not the originally requested resource but the closest the application could match.

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  1. Fabian Kraemer reporter
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    I can follow your argumentation and agree with it. What do you think of providing this functionality (asynchronously) on the 404 page (specialised only for that resource requests)? Sth. like "Can't find the requested resource on branch x, did you mean? ...

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