custom domain repo url without user name

Issue #3641 wontfix
Lars Fischer
created an issue


I have setup a custom domain "" with CNAME to

This works fine except, accessing the repositories using ssh requires to include the username: e.g. {{{ git clone }}}

Is there a way to use a "portable" URL without the user name? Something like this (note the missing MYLOGIN): {{{ git clone }}}


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  1. Anonymous

    Can I ask why this is not possible? It seems like a VERY desirable feature to me and the username in the URL is superfluous as it can be derived from the unique mapping between custom domains and accounts.

  2. B K

    Please? I dont want to host by github

    Github just announced free private repos. So seems no one has to wait for bitbucket to work on all these wontfix issues anymore.

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