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Issue #3645 wontfix

README Anywhere (BB-3616)

Atlassian Tutorials
created an issue

User asked for this README enhancement on the doc page:

I thought, it would apply to any readme file, not only the one at root.

Currently it seems to show everywhere only the readme from root, regardless presence of any readme file in current directory.

Proposal for enhancement: Show content of readme as now, just start searching from currently listed directory and traverse up untill some readme is found.

This will allow to show independent directory descriptions.


I am logging the enhancement here for tracking.

Comments (2)

  1. Markus Mottl

    I second this suggestion. Some large projects with many sub-projects won't do with just one top-level README. It would be great if the current README in a subdirectory could be rendered, too, when browsing the source, or the closest one up the hierarchy if there is none.

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