Edit on issue does nothing

Issue #3648 resolved
Eric Gavaletz created an issue

I was editing an issue (for a while) and when I clicked the save button it threw away my changes. This is the "edit" that is inline with the "spam" and "delete" links.

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  1. David Chambers

    I'm sorry this happened. Losing data one spent time creating is very frustrating.

    Are you able to reproduce the faulty behaviour, @Eric Gavaletz? I've attempted to do so, unsuccessfully. If you are able to reproduce the bug, let me know which OS and browser you are using so that I may investigate further.

  2. Eric Gavaletz reporter

    I was only able to reproduce when I was accessing a repo with a custom URL. I was able to edit the issue just fine when I accessed it via bitbucket.org.

  3. David Chambers
    • changed status to open

    Thanks very much for providing that info, Eric. I should be able to track down the problem now. :)

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