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Issue #3651 resolved

HTTP Error: 500

Modo Media Group
created an issue

I'm getting the following error and cannot push to my repo

% hg --repository C:\xampp\htdocs\modo_framework push https://modomg:@bitbucket.org/modomg/modo-framework pushing to https://modomg:@bitbucket.org/modomg/modo-framework searching for changes HTTP Error: 500 (Internal Server Error) [command returned code 255 Thu Feb 16 21:13:17 2012]

Comments (5)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Hi Chris,

    I just went in and noticed that your repo was in the middle of an aborted transaction. This could have been the result of a failed push. Once it gets into such state, manual intervention is required to recover and roll back to the previous commit.

    I have done this and expect you to be able to access the repo again.

    First thing you should do is make sure you bring it up to date with you local clone, for the recover procedure may have stripped a changeset you expect to be present. So simply just run a push.

    Regards, Erik

  2. Modo Media Group reporter

    Hi Erik, Thanks for the help, it looks like everything is working now. I had a pretty large amount of commits that needed to be pulled. I tried to do it through the web interface the first time but I'm guessing it didn't work. I will do this work locally from now on.

    Thanks again, -Chris

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