Add restructured text support to wikify an existing sphinx documentation (BB-523)

Issue #366 resolved
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sphinx has gained wide acceptance as the standard documentation tool for open source python projects. Sphinx just uses text files with a restructured text syntax as source files.

It would be great if bitbucket wiki feature could be able to edit a folder of restructured text files otherwise rendered as a sphinx static site while being wiki editable through the bitbucket web UI or the hg text access.

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  1. Jesper Noehr
    • changed status to open

    Easy guys ;-) I'll have a look at this on a rainy day. Suggestions for how to implement welcome!

    Just for clarification:

    • Generate documentation from source? E.g. /doc/?
    • Does this need a new tab, e.g. 'Documentation'?
  2. Olivier Grisel
    • Generate documentation from source? E.g. /doc/?

    What I had in mind was a way to directly edit the source rst files from the web UI of bitbucket (with an HTML preview) but without necessarily the complete sphinx rendering with menu and all. However I you feel like a full featured sphinx / bitbucket integration that would be even better :)

    • Does this need a new tab, e.g. 'Documentation'?

    A new Documentation tab would be great or you could make it part of a wiki UI as an optional mode for instance (instead of the default syntax).

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