Issue #3661 wontfix

Encoding not set in HTTP Header when viewing raw files or commits (BB-3501)

Winston Weinert
created an issue

Content encoding isn't specified in HTTP headers when viewing "raw" commits or "raw" files. As a result text often renders incorrectly. Screenshots are attached and here are some links to some affected documents and

The links should render correctly if your web browser falls back on UTF-8. I found this issue present in Opera 11.61, lynx, and Chromium 17.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Winston,

    Bitbucket can't know with certainty what the encoding of a file or commit should be. In the case of a commit, there could actually be multiple encodings involved.

    The reason you're seeing garbled output in your browser is because it's falling back to Latin-1.

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