Source code color should be darker (legibility) (BB-3638)

Issue #3665 wontfix
Mike Lissner
created an issue

Looking at a page of code I wrote, I can barely read it even though I'm using a new monitor in a well-lighted room.

See for yourself:

The code that's in a comment is light gray, a lot of it is light orange, and even the code itself (at the bottom of the page) is really hard to read.

Would really appreciate not having to squint to read my own code.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the suggestion. We are pretty happy with the color scheme right now.

    We are working on refreshing the UI on some pages and when we are on the source view we may change the color scheme a bit.



  2. Mike Lissner reporter

    Just posting again in hopes of getting this request re-opened. Perhaps others don't read the source in their browser, but I frequently do, and it's terribly tiring. I'm not a person that usually has issues with reading light text or anything like that, but I *really* wish this issue could be resolved or at least moved from the WONTFIX pile.

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