Downstream pull request from main repo to forked repo

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Scott Coates
created an issue

We don't use named branches for things like: -development -QA -master -staging Instead, we use forked repos as outlined here: Is there a way to pull changes from the main repository into forked repos via pull requests? Currently, the dropdown doesn't show forked/ downstream repos. From this bitbucket blog ( requests-across-branches/), I know pull requests support different branches within a single repo, but this is not what we're looking for.


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  1. David Chambers

    This is not currently supported. We plan to allow pull requests to be made from any repository related to the destination, not just the destination's forks and the destination itself. This would be a significant undertaking, and we're unlikely to tackle it in the near future. So while it should be possible one day, think a year from now rather than a month from now. ;)

  2. Leo Bogert

    Erik I don't see how this is possible. The new features you linked are for hinting downstream forks that they could sync by telling them "This fork is X commits behind ... " on the web interface. I don't think it is the same as a pull request: To me, a pull request is something which specially triggers a mail notification which tells the user to do something. Your feature requires the user to notice on his own that there is something to sync - by visiting the Bitbucket web interface. People are not likely to do that often.

    Please implement real pull requests with trigger a mail.

  3. Paul Wilson

    I agree that this is NOT resolved. I'm looking for the related capability referred to by @David Chambers above: the ability to PR to any repo related to the destination. Specifically, I'd like to PR from one fork of the main repo into another fork of the main repo.

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