Issue #3683 wontfix
Donald Belcham created an issue

When trying to import an SVN repository running on VisualSVN the following error occurs. When controlling the machine connecting to the SVN repository, we usually accept the certificate permanently and the problem is resolved. We can't do that during the BitBucket import process.

15:15:21 svn import for: 15:15:21 Checking out 15:15:21 svn: OPTIONS of '': Server certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted ( 15:15:21 Svn checkout failed: <class 'bitbucket.apps.async.tasks.ImportException'>: Command failed. Return value: 1

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Donald,

    We do not want to trust a server with an invalid cert.

    The easy way around this is to import the repo manually (since we do not preserve history for SVN imports).

    You can: 1. create an empty repo on Bitbucket 2. checkout the repo locally 3. do an svn export of your repo into the empty BB local repo 4. do a git or hg add of all the files 5. commit, and push to Bitbucket

    Sorry I could not be of more help,


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