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Eric Gavaletz
created an issue

== Case: change responsible == I would like to be able to select 10 issues and assign them to a developer.

== How == In the list view of issues enable multiple-select (check-boxes or by highlighting rows) Contextual button at the top allows me to edit multiple issues

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We know folks would like it. We are not spending much time on the issue tracker right now so it is unlikely you will see this feature soon.



  2. Martijn van der Kleijn

    I have the same request. I think the BitBucket issue tracker is *almost* perfect... This is just about the only thing I'd like to see changed.

    Even just a simple bulk assign & bulk change state would be enough.

  3. Chad Davine

    I agree - this is really needed. Going through one issue at a time to change the status individually or to assign individually is brutal. Please add this feature!

  4. Simon Drabble

    +1 for this. Is there a way for community contributions to be accepted? Not saying I have cycles to work on the feature, but someone who needs it might. It's now 3+ years since the feature was requested, so

    "We are not spending much time on the issue tracker right now so it is unlikely you will see this feature soon."

    seems to lose a little validity, for any reasonable definition of "soon".

  5. Erik van Zijst staff

    I'm afraid it's not on the roadmap and losing out priority-wise to other projects.

    Not to be a Debby Downer, but it might be possible for external developers to add this functionality as a Connect Add-On that adds bulk-edit directly into the UI and uses the API to perform the operations.

  6. Mike Wallace

    @Erik van Zijst OK, so it's not on the roadmap, this is what I thought. This is a feature that you want to reserve for Jira and use as incentive for us to upgrade. That is fine with me, you guys are in business, I understand that. Can Atlassian please just take a stand on this so I can finally stop following this issue and you guys can close it?

  7. Peter Borbely

    @Lucas Sandery can be and I hear you, but for what it's worth, I just used a DHC REST client (chrome) and updated 40 issues in 2 minutes and yes, fair enough, if we had a few hundred issues, a script would do a better job (and would take more time). It's fair to ask to take a stand on it as you just said, I just offered an alternative because I just tackled the same problem..., that's all

  8. R Scott LaMorte

    Sad to see so little development in the issue tracker. I'm in the middle of migrating my repos from Github and discovered this very basic function that I use daily on Github is missing and not planned for in BitBucket.

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