allow composing messages to multiple recipients (BB-1950)

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Mark Edgington
created an issue

When collaborating on a project with others, it is common that there will be more than one person you'd like to send a common message to about the development of the project.

It would be convenient to be able to specify multiple recipents in a bitbucket message, as well as being able to "reply to all" to such messages.

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  1. David Chambers

    Out of interest, @Mark Edgington, what's the main appeal of using Bitbucket's messaging system over, say, e-mail? Is it that you don't necessary know the e-mail addresses of all your collaborators? Or do you like to keep all your project-related correspondence in one place?

  2. Mark Edgington reporter

    For me it is primarily convenience -- it's simply more work to collect everyone's email addresses, and switch to a different interface/program for writing the emails, when I'm already looking at / doing things with the bitbucket website. And it may be that there are some people whose email addresses really are difficult to find.

    Furthermore, it can serve as a kind of "anonymity layer" since we don't need to see the emails of those who we're interacting with. This might be of interest to some people -- multiuser communication would lower the barrier for privacy conscious people to collaborate as part of a group.

  3. Evan Dale Aromin

    Oftentimes, I find myself talking about particular issues or commits to several teammates at a time. It would be nice if the messaging system would allow us to link issues, commits, and usernames just like what we are able to do when posting comments. This would help us improve our productivity since we don't have to copy-paste issue and commit references between email and bitbucket anymore.

  4. Chuck Daniels

    @David Chambers, it's much more convenient to send a message to a team via BB (if it actually worked as expected) when team members can come and go because there is no need to keep an email distribution list up to date.

    It's also nice to have correspondence in one place. It would be great to be able to send a message to all the members on my team, which is what I thought was happening when I sent a message to the team name.

    Sadly, as I recently discovered, such messages are delivered only to team admins, which is useless. I want to be able to communicate branch management activity to all team members, so they know such things as when a remote feature branch is finished, or a remote release branch is created.

    Also, there are times when I find people making common mistakes, so I want to bring it to everyone's attention, along with instructions for avoiding/fixing such behavior.

  5. Rodrigo Benenson

    Since BB allows users to send direct messages I receive multiple messages regarding repositories I manage from people I do not know (and do not have their email address). Being able to send announcements to all of them in one shot would remove an important amount of pain.

    Is it there a way to disable allowing users to send direct messages ?

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