How can I add the fifth member into my private project.

Issue #3701 resolved
Tai-Wei Kan
created an issue

According to the free plan policy, users are allow to add at maximum five members into their private project. But the issue appears, I only can add four members(including myself) currently, I would like to add the fifth one, then system shows the error message" You are over your plan access limit", how come? Could it be fixed?

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  1. David Chambers should make it clear exactly which users are currently counting towards your account limit. Keep in mind that this limit applies to your account as a whole, not to individual repositories:

    Repo 1          Repo 2          Repo 3          +----------------------------------------------+
    ------          ------          ------          | Although just two or three people can access |
    me              me              me              | each of these repos, in total there are five |
    Andrew          Andrew          Elanor          | users counting towards my account limit.     |
    Ben             Charles                         +----------------------------------------------+
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