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Issue #3706 invalid

Debian uscan-compatible tag URLs (BB-3712)

Paul Tagliamonte
created an issue

Howdy, Bitbucket,

If there was any way to provide (on any URL that's consistent) provide a list of tags that link to a tarball (much like the main interface) that are formed in a regular format with the tag name and project name would be outstandingly useful.

So, rather then:

{{{ https://bitbucket.org/$user/$project/src/$hash }}}

Something like:

{{{ https://bitbucket.org/$user/$project/src/$project-$tagname.tar.gz }}}

So, something like:

{{{ package-1.0.tar.gz }}}

Again, it doen't have to be on the main page, just any normal URL.

Thanks for your time!

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