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Issue #3725 resolved

/users/:username endpoint fails to return all public data (BB-3729)

David Chambers
created an issue

The {{{repositories}}} hash in responses to authenticated requests to {{{/users/:username}}} has the following keys:

{{{ 'created_on', 'description', 'email_mailinglist', 'email_writers', 'fork_of', 'has_issues', 'has_wiki', 'is_fork', 'is_mq', 'is_private', 'language', 'last_updated', 'logo', 'main_branch', 'mq_of', 'name', 'no_public_forks', 'owner', 'read_only', 'resource_uri', 'scm', 'size', 'slug', 'state', 'utc_created_on', 'utc_last_updated', 'website' }}}

Anonymous requests result in a drastically reduced payload:

{{{ 'description', 'followers_count', 'logo', 'name', 'owner', 'resource_uri', 'scm', 'slug', 'website' }}}

This applies even to public repositories, which is clearly erroneous. Retrieving data readily accessible via Bitbucket's web interface should not require authentication.