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To be more social: connectors to LinkedIn and Google Plus

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What about connectors for social networks? Like LinkedIn and Google+. Facebook?

With such functionality Bitbucket will present much more wildly in Internet.


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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi JRS,

    What kind of connector do you envision? I could certainly see those sites bringing in your repo list??

    I am not sure if there would be a useful post-commit integration.



  2. JRS reporter

    I have in mind something different - for LinkedIn, for example, allows to link Bitbucked repositories to the profile. May be it should not be a part of Bitbucked site but separate LinkedIn "application", don't know exactly :) I hear GitHub has such functionality.

    Google+ - big question :) Don't know, but may be allow to post each commit not a bad idea, as it looks on the first sight.

    Any case it is just wishes - you have a perfect service, and I just worry that it should be more popular :)

    Regards, Stas.

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