Automatically display images in the issue tracker (BB-3752)

Issue #3751 resolved
Dave Fowler
created an issue

I would like attached files that are images to just automatically be displayed in the issue.

Its pretty simple to detect that. I wrote a chrome extension for bitbucket a while ago that handled that and other things

but you've changed your UI so it doesn't work anymore and I haven't yet updated. Would be great if you guys just added that functionality.

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  1. David Antliff

    +1 for automatic image display.

    Although it's possible to display images from the wiki or code repository using standard wiki markup, I can't see a way to do this with attached files. In addition or instead of automatic image display, it would be very useful to allow access to attachments via markup, as otherwise screenshots/images have to be described by their filename, and with many attachments this can become quite confusing.

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