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Johan Samyn
created an issue


For some days now I experience a weird problem when I'm reading the page of a single issue (like this one for instance). (Ctrl-)Home, (Ctrl-)End, PgUp/PgDn, Up/Down keys almost do not react anymore. Mostly no reaction at all; rarely a veeeery late reaction of the keystrokes. Moving the scrollbar with the mouse is the only option left (but not the fastest one). All other pages seem to behave normally. It's not platform dependent, as I experienced it on Win7 and on Ubuntu, using Firefox. (On this page, where I'm registering this issue, all works well too.)

Anyone any clue as to the cause or solution ?


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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Johan,

    I am unable to reproduce your problem.

    On firefox I find that home/end work fine and that the arrow keys also work fine.

    If you browse to your account settings you can disable keyboard shortcuts for Bitbucket. Can you let me know if this clears up your issues?

    Also, what version of firefox are you running with?



  2. Johan Samyn reporter

    Hi Dylan,

    Disabling keyboard shortcuts for my account does not solve the problem.

    Concerning platform and Firefox version:

    • On Windows I'm using Firefox 10.0.2.
    • On my dual boot Ubuntu 10.04 I'm using Firefox 10.0.2.

    But, strange enough:

    • When I use Firefox 10.0.2 in an Ubuntu 10.04 guest installed in a VirtualBox VM (on the Win7 host), all works well.
    • In Linux Mint 12 as a VirtualBox guest on the Win7 host with Firefox 10.0.2 all works well too.


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