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Issue #3757 invalid

BitBucket show a wrong date (time) for a changesets

Sergey Antonov
created an issue

Just noticed, that BitBucket show a wrong date (time) for a changsets.

For example, here: https://bitbucket.org/zzsergant/hgwin/changesets it shows, that last commit was 13 hours ago, while it was about 2 hours ago.

When I do {{{hg log}}} in console mercurial shows:

{{{ changeset: 65:329cec197a6e tag: tip user: Sergey Antonov sergant_@mail.ru date: Sat Mar 10 17:49:23 2012 +0400 summary: Added tag v1.6.1 for changeset c560f48ee267 }}}

Currently my local time is 19:40.

It seems, that BitBucket mistaken by 12 hours when calculated date in changesets view.

I've attached a screenshot.

Comments (1)

  1. Sergey Antonov reporter

    I have found that I've set a wrong time zone on installation of a Windows 8 Consumer Preview (it was US for some reason). When I set it on GMT+4 it started to work correctly.

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