Hover effect was slow to load

Issue #3760 invalid
Kevin Burke
created an issue

Was initially going to report a critical bug as:

 Hovering over the "Repositories" dropdown does nothing; I have to click on the tab to trigger the dropdown, but clicking redirects me to /repo/mine.

I soon realized the problem was that slow-loading Javascript wasn't triggering the hover until it had finished parsing. I understand the importance of drawing the page first but wondering if that isn't the right choice in this particular case.

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  1. Kevin Burke reporter

    Hi Dylan, Odd, I can't either. I found it when trying to add a new repo from my apartment, which has slower connection than work. but i just tried setting connection speed to 100ms delay, 300kb/s max and couldn't repro it at the office just now. Maybe there were just some flies in the bandwiches.

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