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Issue #3779 invalid

Inconsistent login between bitbucket.org and custom domain

Melvyn Laïly
created an issue

I set up a custom domain to my bitbucket account and it works fine, except that if I'm logged in on the main site bitbucket.org, I am not on my domain, and vice versa.

To sum up, login works fine, but separately on the main site and my domain.

(This bug concerns only simple login, not the openID login, as there is another problem preventing from logging in with openID on a custom domain. See issue #2007)

Comments (3)

  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Melvyn

    The behavior you describe, where you are not automatically signed in on both domains when signing in on one, sounds like the desired behavior of sign in and custom domains (let me confirm this with the team).



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