Add git-annex support (over SSH) to Bitbucket (BB-3790)

Issue #3787 duplicate
Louis Rabiet
created an issue

I am trying to use git-annex ( with Bitbucket and I having this error: conq: invalid repository syntax. (//not coming from git-annex since I am able to use it on other git repositories//). And I am unable to get the binary files...

== trying to copy the jpeg file on the repo: ==


git annex copy --to=origin icon/ENSCachanBretagne_WEB.jpg

conq: invalid repository syntax. copy icon/ENSCachanBretagne_WEB.jpg (checking origin...) conq: invalid repository syntax. ok }}}

== looking for the copy of the image == {{{ git annex whereis icon/ENSCachanBretagne_WEB.jpg
whereis icon/ENSCachanBretagne_WEB.jpg conq: invalid repository syntax. (2 copies) 8c895125-a98d-43bc-b3ea-7495e258dba6 -- here 9ee3ce52-df7f-41cc-a760-f078d73af5eb }}} No image on the bitbucket repo

== Version of git-annex == {{{ Version de git-annex: git-annex version: 3.20120123 local repository version: 3 default repository version: 3 supported repository versions: 3 upgrade supported from repository versions: 0 1 2 }}}

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    Hi all,

    We're working on bringing git-lfs support to Bitbucket in the future and have de-duplicated this issue with that one.

    Marcus Bertrand
    Bitbucket Developer

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