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Issue #3792 closed

User pages should show private repos that you have in common (BB-3838)

created an issue

It would be nice if you could see the private repos that both you and another user are invited to on their user page, rather than "X has no public repositories." If they have public repos, then the shared private ones could be listed underneath, or perhaps above.

Comments (4)

  1. Nicolas Venegas


    At the moment, on a user's profile page (other than your own) we do show private repositories owned by them that you have access to.

    You'd like to also see private repositories not owned by either of you, but for which you both have access?



  2. Snapizzle reporter

    Hi Nicolas,

    Yes, exactly. At least for the ones you both have write access to. Perhaps you could click something that switches between showing which ones they can write to and which ones they can read.

    I feel like a lot of users are like me in that they're only a part of a few repos and own even less, so to us, User pages become almost a dead-end in terms of linking around to repos (without using the Repositories dropdown on the top bar).

    For instance, when I go to a teammember's page who I know is very active in the repo we're both a part of, it only says:

    Recent activity
    X has been rather secretive lately.
    X has no public repositories.

    Which looks the same as a user who has never done anything. In addition, I would have no links out of this page at all if I weren't following them so it shows my pic.

    ...Reading that makes me sound mad and I'm not, I really love Bitbucket (especially the unlimited licenses for students - way cool!) I was just hoping to provide some perhaps never-before-heard feedback to help improve an already great service.



    P.S.: Just curious - is there a way to view the full list of users I am following?

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