A download in mac link like Github (BB-3730)

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This would be super helpful for a bunch of my co workers as I'm sure it for many others relying on GUIs. It's definitely the first stumbling block (cloning) and admit I find myself clicking on the link vs opening terminal. Not sure if source tree supports this but obviously Github for Mac does and I know that Tower added the ability to open those links in their client vs Github.

Also I was just made aware that Tower added Bitbucket support which is great new.

Is there any plans to support an online editor?

And thanks for the great work

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    We actually have a Git and Hg client called SourceTree. We do plan on adding links that will open in SourceTree.

    We did have a developer spike using the Ace editor for online editing. However to do it properly will take a bit of effort and its is not high on our list of priorities at the moment.



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