PyPy compare view times out in pull request (BB-3645)

Issue #3798 resolved
Alex Gaynor
created an issue

This pull request: page loads quickly, however, the actual diffs never load for me (I haven't looked to see if it's timing out or just very slow).

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  1. Brodie Rao

    I'm not sure if it's intentional, but that pull request includes 30,190 commits. Executing a merge for that is absurdly expensive (it takes something like 8 minutes to do on our servers). Most of that time is spent pulling those changes into a temporary bundle.

    I'm thinking we should provide a warning if the PR includes too many commits, and provide information on merging it offline.

  2. Brodie Rao

    I take it back, I was able to speed up that PR's compare view immensely. It now loads in a respectable 14 seconds. I think that's pretty good considering how many commits are involved.

    As a nice side effect, all PRs should load faster now!

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