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Issue #3814 invalid

hg push not doing anything

Mel Flynn
created an issue

I've let this run for over 30 hours now, but there's no movement at all. The screen terminal shows: {{{


pushing to ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/MelFlynn/freebsd running ssh hg@bitbucket.org 'hg -R MelFlynn/freebsd serve --stdio' searching for changes sampling from both directions 217531 changesets found load: 0.05 cmd: ssh 76166 [select] 109994.95r 28.80u 9.01s 0% 6436k load: 0.02 cmd: ssh 76166 [select] 110027.42r 28.81u 9.01s 0% 6436k load: 0.01 cmd: ssh 76166 [select] 110056.04r 28.83u 9.01s 0% 6436k load: 0.00 cmd: ssh 76166 [select] 110212.37r 28.88u 9.02s 0% 6436k load: 0.07 cmd: ssh 76166 [select] 110265.30r 28.90u 9.02s 0% 6436k load: 0.03 cmd: ssh 76166 [select] 110916.69r 29.03u 9.05s 0% 6436k }}}

Those last few lines are ctrl+t (SIGINFO) and you can see the realtime, usertime and system time seconds there. That doesn't really change much and is probably due to ssh keep-alive protocol.

If this is an issue with the amount of changes, then I'd like to see some kind of error printed.

I'm keeping the processes running so you guys can investigate. Please let me know //what// the issue is even if fixed, in case I need to come up with a different strategy to convert this repo.

Comments (2)

  1. Mel Flynn reporter

    Apparently it just finished. The clone size looks way off, but it has done it's work. I should instead file a bug with mercurial about the lack of verbosity with the verbose mode.

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