Add "normal" priority for issues (BB-3890)

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Jason Socha created an issue

Bitbucket's issue tracker defaults to "major" and there is nothing between "major" and "minor", both of which have connotation of either elevated or reduced importance.

I have gone to great lengths to teach PMs that not every issue is major/critical. Most issues deserve a priority something like "normal", so that elevated priorities like "major" or "critical" actually have some meaning.

I propose that a new status/priority of "normal" be added in the middle and that this become the default for all issues.

Thanks! -JS

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  1. Jason Socha reporter

    This issue itself is a great example. This is a feature request with no serious impact on anything, but it is marked "major" by default!

  2. Brodie Rao

    From what I recall, we decided to go with JIRA's priority scheme to make migration from Bitbucket easier.

    I'm not sure what the team thinks about adding an extra priority, but I've filed an internal issue so we can discuss it.

  3. Jason Socha reporter

    Thanks for considering it!

    Ultimately, I think these should be made configurable so that the project admins can decide what terminology is used for the priorities. The values are stored as 1-5 anyway, and that could just stay that way, with an added feature to allow changing the labels.

    Anecdote: A team I used to work with, using a different tracker, used the highest priority value for everything. That system allowed changing the priority labels, so I changed Priority 1 to "Oh Sh*t!". It worked.

  4. Greg Galloway

    Unfortunate, I was wondering about this myself, because minor implies a lack of importance, and major implies extra importance. Moderate, medium, or normal definitely would have been nice to have...

  5. Patricia Sandt

    Found this issue because I was trying to figure out how to set the priority to normal. Ironic.

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