changes in users following a project should not be reported in Newsfeed (BB-3891)

Issue #3830 duplicate
Alex Dupuy
created an issue

This is (related to) a general problem with watching/following on a DVCS repository hub, e.g. but whereas that is about GitHub, my issue is with bitbucket.

I'd like to know about updates to certain projects but if they are "well known" enough, just the activity of people following (and in many cases un-following when they see how many updates they get from people following) is enough to nearly drive all the other entries out of my newsfeed.

The best (worst?) example of this is (currently 627 followers now that I have stopped) - the repo has had no activity other that follow/un-follow in almost three years, but still has lots of people following it. Solution here is easy, just un-follow, since likelihood of actual updates is epsilon. But for another popular project (with only 37 followers at the moment) there is nearly as much follow/un-follow activity but there are actually active developers working on the project, so un-following is not really an ideal solution.

Reporting on repo activity can be noisy enough that a "bookmark" rather than watch/follow may be desirable for some projects, but at least that is real activity (and the problem reported by Paul Asmuth for GitHub) - the problem is worse for bitbucket because this can happen even without any real activity.

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  1. David Chambers

    Great point. Only a repository's owner (and possibly its admins) should see “follow” events, and no one should see “unfollow” events. This would reduce the noise level without depriving those who actually care. :)

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