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I'm behind a corporate firewall which has port 22 blocked. I'm able to push/pull from my bitbucket repos using https, but its a real pain having to enter my password each time.

The way github addressed this was superb. They set up an server which listens on port 443 and sets up the connection accordingly so that I can just enter

{{{ Host User Port 443 Hostname }}}

into my .ssh/config and it just works. Could bitbucket please do something similar? I'm sure many would appreciate it.

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  1. Dmitry Krasilnikov

    Ok then. I installed sslh, but as I understood this is a server-side thing and it has nothing to do with my problem about corporate firewall, because I don't have any permissions to change something on the server-side.

  2. Scott Zeid

    Well my comment was really directed towards Atlassian, although you could set it up on your home computer or some other machine that has an unrestricted connection and use an SSH proxy to access Bitbucket.

  3. Dmitry Krasilnikov

    Maybe it was my fault that I hadn't understood to whom your answer was addressed. Yes, it's possible solution to install sslh on home server, also, with server at home it is possible to use just ssh's port forwarding, sometime ago I used this approach, but I don't have server at home anymore.

  4. Rocaton

    What's the suggested method to access bitbucket from a continuous integration server (Jenkins) behind a firewall that doesn't allow port 22?

  5. Ilya Orlov

    Yeah, if you do not care for your password to be stored as plain text.

    For paswordless interaction only reasonable way to go is via ssh certificates. And this, again, requires ssh access.

  6. Bill Stetson

    It would be nice to set it up to listen on a port of your choosing, I use a custom ssh port for my home server, and don't want to have to change my port settings/pass port flags every time I switch hosts

  7. Ashwin Murali

    Please bring back this feature! Working from behind a firewall is always a pain! and 21 / 22 are some of the first ports to be banned!

    Accessing a bitbucket repo via SSH + SSL would be lovely!

  8. Jez Hill

    I'm very happy to see that ssh:// works but I had to search hard to find that—even several posts up from the end of this thread because of other users who clearly also didn't see it. The two documentation links mentioned by Charles McLaughlin and Josh Lloyd, above, are Pages Not Found, and I guess this feature isn't actually mentioned anywhere in searchable documentation.

  9. Norgg

    Thanks for that @Jez Hill! Where did you find that other than here? Been looking for it for about half an hour and only just found it here, doesn't seem to be in the documentation any more...

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