Shared read-only access to a private repository.

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Steven Joruk created an issue

I'd like to be able to set up a login and password which has read-only access to a repository without creating a new Bitbucket user.

The details would be given to clients that require our latest code changes, but I don't want them to have access to the Bitbucket website.

The username would be unique to a repository, so for example I could add username=Anonymous to two of my repositories, each having whatever password I choose. It wouldn't be a real Bitbucket user account.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    It sounds like you could use SSH deploy keys to get the same effect. I'm gonna go ahead and mark this as a duplicate of #3106 if you don't mind.

    Just out of curiosity, why does it matter if they can view the repository on Bitbucket?

    Duplicate of #3106.

  2. Steven Joruk reporter

    I hadn't heard of deploy keys before, that's a cleaner solution and delivers what I want to achieve.

    It's not that I don't want them to be able to browse the repository, but it might not be suitable for people outside the development team to be able to view our private wiki and issue tracker. I'm still very new to Bitbucket so maybe that can be restricted another way. I'll wait for deploy keys anyway.


  3. Jesse Boyd

    I don't think this answers the question for me. I would like to send someone a link like I do with google docs so they can have read-only access to the source code. I want the repos to remain private with only people having the link able to access. Any tips here appreciated.

  4. Erik Rawlings

    I'd also like a read-only sharing link for each file in a repository, as per the above comment. I want to keep the repo private but let a client read one of the documentation files, without them needing a Bitbucket account and without them being able to browse any other files.

    On Github you can do something similar with Gists. You can mark the gist as secret so it's not publicly visible but can still give someone a link to it, so they can read it without needing a Github account.

  5. Mxywes Max

    It's not really a duplicate of #3106, since we'd like to get access via a link/token in URL to a private repo. How SSH deploy keys is the solution?

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