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Issue #3836 resolved

Can't clone - Permission Denied (publickey)

Steven Jackson
created an issue

I've screwed something up but I'm having no luck finding what it could be. My keys were generated with {{{ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "sj@oscode.net"}}} and are in the correct location, which is {{{~/.ssh/}}}

Attached is: My output from {{{ssh -vvv git@bitbucket.org -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa}}} My public key, which has been added to my git account

{{{ssh-add -l}}} shows:

{{{2048 cc:8c:9f:a6:f4:45:1a:4b:dd:fe:75:6e:79:34:5c:6b sj@oscode.net (RSA)}}}

Doing a diff between {{{ssh-add -L}}} and {{{~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub}}} shows no differences.

Thanks in advance.

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