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Marco de Krijger
created an issue

I have 2 accounts registered with 2 different usernames but samen e-mail account for administration reasons. I have 2 different generated SSH keys and assigned them to the 2 accounts.

I made an inital commit with user A on system A (git config is set up for user A)
And worked on a different system B (different git config for user B). When I commit on system B and push it to Bitbucket it will show up with the wrong username (which is A) in Bitubucket. When I do a git log on system B it says it is commited under user B, but on Bitbucket it is commited under user A.

This is probably due to the same e-mail adress? I guess the committer is uniquely identified by the e-mail adress? Which is wrong I guess... It should be recognized by the SSH key or just simply used from the "" setting?

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  1. Brodie Rao

    You're right, we use the committer's email address to determine who they are on Bitbucket.

    SSH keys wouldn't help us; they're not part of a commit in any way. And a person can push up changes made by another person, so it doesn't make sense to say the pusher is the person who made the commits.

    We also can't just by the full name because it's a lot more likely we'd associate a commit with the wrong account (with someone who shares your name, for example). We only associate commits with users' validated email addresses.

    That said, I think you either need to use the same email address everywhere, or use the "username aliases" feature in the repo admin to manually set your organizational committer string to your personal account.

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