Unable to clone from 129.10.*.*

Issue #3846 invalid
Nathan Heaps
created an issue

both me and rschwers are unable to clone over https on the Northeastern 129.10... it works fine from 155.33.. (also northeastern)

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  1. Charles McLaughlin

    Hi Nathan,

    I seriously doubt there's anything we can do about this. Without a traceroute we can't even do basic troubleshooting. Short of that you could try to ping bitbucket.org from the problematic network and also telnet to 'bitbucket.org 443'. In all likelihood your campus network admins are blocking us for some reason. We're certainly not blocking you coming from that IP range. It might be worth trying your operations over ssh -- perhaps port 22 isn't blocked.

    I would recommend you contact the Northeastern IT department, or perhaps the department that runs the 129.10.*.* network. If you think there's anything we can do to help please let us know.



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