Invalid wiki page name destroys repository (BB-3906)

Issue #3847 wontfix
Jacob Moen
created an issue

Hi Bitbucket devs is broken by a user adding a page with the following name:

The problem is that this name is invalid - at least on a Windows file system, so when he pulls he can't update.

Could you catch that in the page logic code? That would be great.

Thanks. :)


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  1. Jacob Moen reporter

    I think I fixed it from my Linux box - will try pulling it in Windows.

    However, maybe it would be a good idea to catch situations like this? :)

    Not everyone is lucky to be using *nix.

  2. Jacob Moen reporter

    Ok, that fixed it. No need to reset the repository.

    I will leave this open, because I think you need to fix your code. :p

    A simple fix would be to at least trim spaces - the issue was that it created a directory with spaces at the end/front. Bash didn't like that either. But Dolphin didn't mind.

    So now we're cool at the Ogitor wiki. ;)

  3. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    There is still an issue on Windows where a directory with leading or trailing spaces will not be fetched correctly. We do not want to take a surprising action by changing the name from what the user has entered. Instead, wiki page titles are editable from the site, so problem pages can now be fixed without having to clone.

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