Incorrect private user count (BB-3918)

Issue #3861 resolved
David M. Carr
created an issue

I have 3 private repos, and I (the account owner) am the only one with access to any of them. I'm on the free 5 user plan. On the Plans and billing page, it says "2 / 5 private users". No users are listed under "Access via groups", and only I am listed under "Direct access". This would lead me to believe that the count should be 1/5. One of the private repos is a repo. If that's why it's 2/5 (because public web access is counted as a user), it would be useful if that was indicated in some way on the page; perhaps a special entry in the "Direct access" section?

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  1. David Chambers

    That's mysterious, David. I just created an account with a repo and checked my private users count: 1/5. There's certainly a bug in the widget's logic, by the sound of things, but this isn't it.

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