Cannot create pull request against an empty repo (BB-3749)

Issue #3871 closed
Ryan Caskey
created an issue

I'm very new to git and bitbucket, so I may be doing this wrong, but I'll go ahead and post my steps: 1) forked and empty repo 2) cloned the fork to a local repo 3) committed initial code base to local repo 4) pushed commit 5) clicked "create pull request" -- this is where I get the following error: Oops! An error occurred. We've been notified and we'll look into the problem.

Is this something I'm doing wrong or a genuine bug?

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  1. Ryan Caskey reporter
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    I was able to create the pull request, but there seems to be no way to accept it. When I go to the repo that I wanted to pull into, I can see my request, but there's no way to accept it (I can reject and edit it however).

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