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Issue #3873 wontfix

Wrap long source lines when viewing commits/side-by-side diff

Phil ​
created an issue

Viewing diffs/commits for text files that have changes on very long lines (such as TeX that isn't hard-wrapped) is cumbersome without line wrapping.

It would be helpful if there was an option to toggle line wrapping for the commit and side-by-side diff views.

Comments (13)

  1. Nicolas Venegas


    Our diff views are built on a grid of lines that allows us to lazily load diff content, so wrapping long lines is not an option since that would break the grid.

    For side-by-side mode, you can get wider lines by maximizing your browser before clicking the side-by-side button.



  2. Jose Aumentado

    Nicolas-- I know it's 'easier,' but it really is more useful for a lot of people. Maximizing the browser isn't exactly great in terms of workflow for a lot of people. I'm running into the same issue now with LaTeX. It is common to have long paragraphs without a newline character inserted.

    This issue, plus the fact that the bitbucket interface won't display PDFs, make the interface less useful in a really compelling use case (collaborating on documentation, books, scientific papers, etc.). I hope the official Bitbucket response to this doesn't stay 'meh'!

  3. Ken Mankoff

    Gitlab and GitHub implement this. This is a critical feature that allows non-tech users to collaborate using the web interface. Without this, I am forced to use other sites. Not a big problem for me, but lost business for BitBucket.

  4. Sam Corcoran

    +1 for this feature. A review tool shouldn't force users to alter their content in order to make the review sane to read. Currently authors writing prose (such as in a documentation file) have to add new lines mid-sentence, or else have a painful-to-read code review.

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