IntraWiki link to nonexisting page doesn't work (BB-4035)

Issue #3887 closed
Денис Черносов
created an issue

It is very usefull workflow to create menu wiki page with links to nonexisting sub pages and after click on this links to create subpages.

On your hosting nonexisting links are not colored and click to link shows 404 page.

Can you fix it?

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  1. Tom Roche

    Please change the title:

    1. (substantive) The issue involves links within the same wiki: these are intrawiki links, not interwiki links. This matters, because I was searching for issues involving links between projects/wikis.
    2. (grammatical) Verb tense and adjective ending are wrong.

    The title should be, Intrawiki link to nonexistent page doesn't work.

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