Being able to comment on commits might be cool (BB-386)

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Jesper Noehr
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I think. Per line too, perhaps?

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  1. Jesper Noehr reporter
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    Reitveld does something like this, although it does make sense for bitbucket as well as long as we don't go overboard and implement an entire code review suit. I still believe that proper tools can be used for many purposes.

  2. groks

    It would be great to be able to comment on a particular revision of a patch queue, before it was pulled into the main repo.

    Presumably, comments need to be addressed. When a new version of a patch queue is committed, you could detect if the lines changed are those with comments, and show comments still outstanding from the previous revision. All without any extra explicit interface / user-interaction.

  3. Steve Losh

    Another vote for this. I don't think per-line comments or code review functionality is really necessary, but being able to comment on a commit as a whole would be great.

  4. Anonymous

    Myself and many others I know would be very pleased with this.

    Here is my suggestion a few days ago on the Google Group; unknowingly that this ticket existed...


    Any chance you can add this to your backlog?

    For the immediate future, BitBucket could use basic conversation thread for each changeset. I'd like to ask the other developers collaborating things like... "WTF?!", "Could you explain what you did here because it doesn't work as described in your commit.", "hey, great work you saved me 10 hours", etc etc. You get the idea.

    In the future, you could get much more complex with it. There could be inline code comments/questions. You could get even more "Code Review" like.

    For now, I'd just like a simple conversation thread available for each change set. This conversation is something that any developer collaborating with me can read and respond to. Maybe even it'd be part of the email notifications if they are turned on.



  5. Ches Martin

    Dudes, three bumps in three days? Think of the kittens (who get email notifications because they are following this issue)!

    I'm betting if you follow it too, our friends at Bitbucket will consider number of followers as something akin to a vote count.

  6. Dylan Etkin

    Hi All,

    We are working on this. It is in our backlog. I don't want to commit to a date but you will see changeset commenting in the near-medium future.



  7. Jon Langevin

    Comment/code review is quite important to us as well. Keep swaying with temptation to switch to Google Code or Github for features like that. Glad to see you guys are at least working on it.

    The sooner it's available, the better, as our team is having to perform in-person code review meetings since we can't simply review a commit online.

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