Strip git-svn-id tag in the Newsfeed

Issue #3900 wontfix
Dariusz M
created an issue

My newsfeed (start page) is less readable due to the {{{ git-svn-id: https://... }}} tag attached at the end of each commit message

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi daris,

    Can you attach a screenshot to show what you mean?

    I think this just may be the fact that the tool you are using to commit is adding that text as a prefix of the commit message.



  2. Dariusz M reporter

    The git-svn-id tag is added to the commit message by the

    git svn dcommit

    command. I'm commiting to the subversion repo and then pushing to the mirror (git repo) on bitbucket.

    This tag does not show up in other places (for example in project Overview page or project Commits page). It's divided by the 2 newlines from the commit message

    PS. Sorry for my english ;)

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