Issue search not working properly (BB-4021)

Issue #3921 closed
Sebastian Krysmanski
created an issue

For [[|TortoiseHg]] there are several issues containing the words "TypeError" and "NoneType" (like [[|thg #1838]]), yet the search for both words (separated by a space) give in no results:

This occurs if you have one key word in either the title or the description but not both.

This is quite bad as this leads to a [[|lot of duplicate issues]] and therefore unnecessary work for the developers.

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  1. Brian Nguyen
    • changed status to open

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thanks for raising this, our issue searching definitely needs some work. It appears the problem occurs if you have two keywords that appear in either the title or the description but not both. Our search should handle this case.

    I've added this issue to our backlog.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Sebastian Krysmanski reporter

    Bump. Any progress on this? Fixing this issue would certainly help authors of large projects (including you guys) to fight issue duplicates.

    Yet another example: I filed #6136 ("Search for owner doesn't work (properly)") but I can't find it by searching for "search owner" (both words appear in the issue's title). I do find the issue if I use the exact words from the title, like "search for owner" or "for owner" but that's a very unusable search algorithm in my opinion.

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