Add authorship markup to (BB-4104)

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Paul Lindner
created an issue


I work on authorship at Google. I'd like to see bitbucket search results annotated with author names and faces. To do so:

1) Replace the humans.txt rel="author" with a link to the bitbucket user profile that 'owns' that page. For example:

should have an author link pointed at

2) Add rel="me" to website links entered on user profiles. For example on the link to should have the rel="me" attribute.

I'm available at if you want to talk more. Thanks!

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi plindner,

    We can do the first suggestion. We used to have the second suggestion but we found that it made us the target of spammers. They were creating bogus profiles to boost their page rank. We changed the rel to nofollow so this would cut off their incentive.

    Its a shame spammers make things like this so hard.



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