Support GitHub-style pages for repositories and teams (BB-4105)

Issue #3932 open
Adam Nicholson
created an issue

It would be great if bitbucket had the ability to create home pages for repository's like git-hub. Create your own project page that you can link to externally. I know you can setup a wiki but what I'm talking about here is a web page with links and custom panels etc.

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  1. fannus

    I also just ran into this issue. My attempt at fixing it was to use submodules in the hosted repository, but that resulted in an http error. Getting submodules working would be an acceptable solution as well :)

  2. Stephan Sokolow

    This is the #1 reason I don't consider BitBucket a guaranteed second choice for anything that I can't put on GitHub for some reason.

    (GitHub being my first choice because, even if you ignore the network effects, so many great free or "free for open-source" services like DocumentUp, Travis-CI, CircleCI,, David-DM,,,, GitCop, and Homu support GitHub exclusively... in case you wanted a list of people to encourage to support BitBucket too. Plus, I don't know if BitBucket counts when Bountysource lists JIRA as supported.)

    I need proper sites to show off my projects and lumping them all into a single repository is simply too bothersome and complicates keeping track of project history too much.

  3. Bart Joy

    Lacking this feature means that BitBucket is not suitable for hosting many open-source projects. For example, if I create JavaScript UI component, I'll want to create a page that introduces and demonstrates the component - right now I either have to work around the issue by hacking the personal page feature, or use GitHub.

  4. Stephan Sokolow

    Regarding splitting hobby projects, I have a couple dozen public repositories on GitHub already and that number is only going to grow.

    Why would I want to bother with the hassle and complexity of putting two of them on Aerobatic and a couple on another service with a similar pricing plan, and so on, when GitHub Pages gives me a way to have all of my non-revenue-earning projects on the same service with a single API? (And then, just as GitHub planned, I'm inclined to pay to put my private projects on GitHub too so I have it all conveniently in one place.)

    As for a single custom domain, that would still be greatly inferior to GitHub Pages where I can have as many custom domains as I want for free.

    Yes, I do pay for the actual registration of a couple of domains, but those are fixed costs and I can hang as many projects off them as I want via subdomains or, as I've done with as a fallback, by assigning a custom domain to

  5. Raymond Benefield

    +1 Wanting this feature as well, especially with the serverless paradigm. I prefer bitbucket but have to host my static pages on Github because there are no project pages here. :(

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