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Issue #3937 open

Add license details to repository admin (BB-1628)

Anonymous created an issue

Please add a license tab to the project page. Although each project can add a license to its wiki or source, many do not. Even for those that do, there is no uniform way for finding this important information.

Comments (7)

  1. Marcos Scriven [Atlassian]

    Just to add to this (from the closed duplicate) - the important point for me was to be able to simply clone a new repo locally - without having to do an extra mkdir and git init. So one way to do that is a licence file, another is a skeleton README.md containing the repo description

  2. Afzal Hossain

    I'd love this feature too. Github is already giving the option to initialize your repo with a readme and/or license file Also it would be handy to have a dropdown of common .gitignore files

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