Easier way to add images to wiki (BB-4108)

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Cloning a repo to add an image to a wiki page is very inconvenient, and not required by any other wiki software (except Fossil?).

Could we have a direct upload option please?

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  1. Chris Byers

    I agree, would really like to see this. Assembla had (before they broke it) a lovely image capability in their wiki. Even if you can't engineer a simple upload, maybe an interim would be to reference images stored in the Downloads repo. I can add an image there and then do an inline image in the wiki pointing to it, better than nothing, maybe you could just add a button to help automate that.

  2. Mike Walters

    I would NEVER add wiki documentation images to my code repository... this is not clean at all. We came from a TRAC system that does a much simpler image upload and reference.

    PLEASE give us a place to add images (besides the download area) for Wiki documentation.

  3. Piotr Stefan Stefaniak

    @Mike Walters "I would NEVER add wiki documentation images to my code repository... this is not clean at all. "

    ...but you are aware that on Bitbucket you do commit your wiki documentation images to the wiki repository, not the code repository, aren't you? Just asking because it's not clear to me from your comment.


  4. Jaime Olivares

    Forcing a non-developer user to do such complex task (pull/add-image/commit/reference-on-wiki-page) makes this feature useless. Wiki is not always done by developers but also by product-owners, which are mostly business people.

  5. Danny Chen

    Yes! It's quite confusing for first-time users when they're expecting an upload dialog but only get two text prompts when clicked on the Insert Image button... Especially when they don't even know how to place a image to wiki directory (DVCS process).

  6. Web Boas

    This is a basic feature that is missing. It's a real pain to go through this process especially when you have many wiki pages and many repos to manage. Come on guys, really, it's 2013, add an upload image form to these wiki pages.

  7. Kenneth Nørbak

    I have tried to get an image to display in the wiki for 12 minutes via the Alt text - still not luck. Please add this feature asap so we can start setting up our wikis easier and faster. Thank you.

  8. Chris Molanus

    21 Months on an issue with only 28 comments(Including duplicates). Not too bad BitBucket, not too bad.

    I give it a Mehh, considering that it was our only issue, up until now, that didn't allow BitBucket, in combination with a issue tracking product tool (like Jira), to be a +/-complete project/product management tool.

  9. Appan Ponnappan

    The older way of adding images to the wiki page - using the checkout & checkin, is also working fine & that is the only way to upload content repurposed from other sources!!

    Thank you for this user-friendly UI-based upload mechanism as well !!! Unfortunately the images all go to some Amazon AWS repo, how would I backup the content ??

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