Show repos on the dashboard with owner/reponame instead of just reponame (BB-4117)

Issue #3943 resolved
Oleg Artenii
created an issue
  • 2 users: user1 and user2
  • user1 create git repo repo1
  • user1 give acces to that repo1 to user2
  • user1 make some commits on repo1 (this appears on the dashboard of user2 with link ../user1/repo1)
  • user2 create his own repo with the same name repo1
  • user2 make some commits in his repo1
  • user1 make some commits in his repo1
  • user2 pull this commits in his repo1 and push it
  • user2 now see on the dasboard links like that: user1 commited to ../user2/repo1 (but user1 dont commited on user2/repo1, he commited on user1/repo1)

It's not so bad bug but it's confusing

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